All MOKI radial motors are subjected to a defined test cycle on the test bench before delivery, which is documented in a test log.  This means that your engine can be assembled straight out of the box and is ready for its first own commissioning without any further adjustment work.

The electronic ignition system was developed especially for our MOKI engines. Manufactured to the highest quality by SMD construction, the use of the latest processor types allows a wide range of ignition parameter settings. The characteristic map optimized for the respective engine type ensures the ideal ignition timing adjustment for each speed range. This guarantees trouble-free starting and the characteristic smooth running of our MOKI radial engines. The speed limitation, which is set differently depending on the engine type, prevents over-revving and thus possible damage to the engine. Furthermore, the operating time, part load/full load proportions and speed limitations that have been carried out are recorded. Operation is with an input voltage of 7.4V, with a 2S Lipo battery. The ignition coils integrated in the rear of the motor housing ensure the unmistakable direct connection with the corresponding spark plug. A circular connector is used to make the central connection to the ignition and by connecting the sensor cable, the engine is ready for operation. This concept allows the compact installation of the MOKI engine in your model.

We offer you the perfect accessories for the perfect operation of your MOKI engine, as well as our advice on the selection and operation of your engine.

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